Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Images are fleeting everyday
Silence that sounds in the dawn
Destination quite unknown
Unknown you still the lights on

Vanishing earth glancing in tears
Empty wind only knocks the doors
Candle shows how the life darks
How the life swallows ofcourse

Destination quite unknown
Silence that sounds in the dawn
Dreams only see the quiet eyes
Eyes only see the lights on

Thursday, February 17, 2011


There swings the lad
There speaks the dog
People make the love
Me, write the blog
Joy is captivated
Here in railway station
Dog keeps speaking here
Beyond the sublimation

In the shopping plaza
Flees the young smile
Five star multiplex
Stacked in routine file
Joy? dont harness it
In the private room
Sweating darkness falls
By this empty tune

He is in railways station
Often he escapes meal
Still the life is stage
There he settles the deal
He is the one you search
Here you get him true
Where the lad swings life
Speaks the dog in its blue


Drifting the rainbow in the midnight blues

Drifting the bees in the cobwebs and hues
Siren that drifts and sounds premonition
Drifting the rainbow in the obligation

Obliterate words and vitruvian man
Staggering the light and the worms in the can
Merry go round merry go round thus rotates the fair
Depletes the mind in the saturday night flair

There lies the life and opulence of red
There rise the sun and sounds never fade
Let the tsunami come and the reverie go
Drifting the night and the rainbow


Darkness that lives with us here
Dreaming people by the railing side
Reclining wish and the tide
Beholds the dark with the ebbing rear

Darkness that lives with us here
Unknown smoke and the sounds throng
Reverie eyes for the life long
Scavenge the dark in every layer

The podium and fictitious dream
Sleeping night and the mirror beam
The hangover fades, morning looms large
Darkness and dream quietly merge